Digital research project management

UniteLabs study management platform brings clarity on all your research projects being run with different clients. We provide one source of truth both to you as a non-clinical CRO and your client. On our platform can now follow the progress without sending email and collect all project-related information in one place for secure transfer, quick access and comprehensive archive.


Build trust with your research partners

According to a survey* 51% of clients think that communication and cultural issue are the most challenging aspect of working with a CRO. We help you provide an outstanding customer experience with our standard communication framework and live project view, so you can exceed their expectations. With great, proactive communication you can resolve deviations and unexpected incidents with your client while maintaining their trust to your capabilities.

Your clients are trying to release their drug or therapy as soon as they can - for everyone's benefit. As a result, 69% of the surveyed* CROs said unrealistic deadlines is the biggest challenge they face in their work with the clients. Our drag & drop study builder helps you quickly build and visualise the plan so that you can manage the client expectations early on and showcase your project design expertise. If you can align on a realistic plan early on, your relationship won't take the hit from missing the unrealistic deadlines.

*2016 outsourcing survey by contractpharma.com


UniteLabs software features

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Standard communication

We have developed a standard communication framework that helps you share results, large data files, deviations, status, progress, reports and decision points seamlessly with your client. This will not only save you a lot of time, but your client will be grateful for the additional clarity.

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Live project view

You and your client can both access the same project overview to see the status and progress. This way, they can get assurance on your progress and find answers to their questions without exchanging numerous emails.

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Study builder

Use our drag & drop study builder to draft the work packages and schedule already in the quoting phase. Add checkpoints to control uncertainty and anticipate decisions to be made. Increase the detail and attach SOPs and other files when writing the project plan. Showcase your project design expertise in a visual way!

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Project portfolio

We know that managing multiple research projects can get hectic. Through our project portfolio view you can see at glance where research progresses smoothly and what needs your attention right now.

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Discussion in-context

Instead of writing emails mixing topics, you can now have a written discussion directly in the context of any data file, update or work package. This way the information and discussion about the information can be found in the same place.

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One source of truth

Collect all relevant project information in one place for controlled and quick access to you and your client. Contracts, milestones, data, timelines, shipping information and discussion can now be stored and found in one place. But you remain in control of who can see what.